Raju is right to play Mammootty’s role, but Mohanlal’s character can’t be done by anyone – Baiju

Actor Baiju says that there are few people who speak English in the film. Baiju said that very few like Suresh Gopi, Mammootty and Prithviraj speak English. He added that even among the new generation of actors, English speaking is less. Baiju was speaking in an interview given to Kanchanelmedia.

‘There are few people who speak English in movies. Suresh Gopi’s name is the first thing to say when speaking English pronunciation. Pulli is an MA in Literature. Prithviraj and Mammooka will be cool. All others will sign. Today’s generation has few English speakers.

Who in today’s generation can deliver the dialogues spoken by Mammooka in The King? Prithviraj would say. I am telling you what I know. It would be hard for me to do that too. We don’t say a person with sensibility, a person with sensibility, Raju has that
The role will be correct,’ Baiju said.

Baiju’s reply to the question who will do Talavattam in today’s generation is that it cannot be done by anyone. ‘There is no doubt regarding it. No one can do it. No matter who does it, it will not be the same.

I haven’t seen many movies of current heroines. Shobhana and Urvashi are the most beautiful actresses I have seen. Urvashi will humor. How many actresses these days can do humor. When talking regarding Shobhana, one picture is not enough, Pachika’s Manichitra. They have played such good roles.

New heroines have not proved their talent by acting in many films. The current actresses will act in three films. After that will go directly to Kannada. Then it goes to Tamil and then to Telugu and then it goes on like that,’ Baiju said.

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