Rally in opposition to ST Microelectronics PFAS contamination

2024-06-22 19:29:27

Collective Cease Micro organizes a rally at 19 in entrance of the Agora of St-Ismier in opposition to the mega polluter STMicroelectronics and the general public authorities which can be complicit in its PFAS poisoning.

Right here is the decision to display:

“A couple of weeks in the past, the regional well being company (ARS) launched a preliminary classification of factories within the area based mostly on their releases of PFAS, these perennial carcinogenic pollution related to many well being dangers have been included there in third place.

To offer you an summary of the harmfulness of PFAS poisoning, the Arkema manufacturing facility in Pierre-Bénite has polluted the earth a lot with these everlasting pollution that eggs and poultry at the moment are forbidden to devour.

Relating to this well being scandal that has simply been revealed, we publish the textual content “STMicroelectronics: The (P)hidden face of the releases in Isère” which explains why the microelectronics trade can not do with out PFAS, the implications of those perennial pollution on well being and the hyperlinks that ST maintains with the tremendous polluter Arkema.

If town of Grenoble has began a number of authorized processes geared toward making use of the precept
“polluter pays” for contamination of the bottom water, what’s she ready for to deal with one of many greatest emitters of everlasting pollution within the pool? And what’s the Neighborhood of Communes of Grésivaudan doing that permits industrialists to poison us with everlasting pollution?”

For additional : STMicro: The (P)hidden face of the releases in Isère

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