RankBoost: Gaming Community’s Guide to Preventing Review Bombing and Promoting Honest Game Ratings

2023-08-20 16:01:59
PS players said they were planning to launder thousands of accounts for Starfield as a revenge for the laundering of PS masterpieces in the past|Many players will refer to the game (media or player) ratings before deciding whether to buy a game. However, player ratings sometimes have “review bombing” (Review bomb). Players deliberately set unreasonable low scores for the game as a means of protest or venting their anger; recently, some players claimed online that they were preparing for the upcoming “Starfield” The starry sky washes out the negative reviews. There are PS players who are ready to score the bombing of the starry sky, saying that the PS game was washed before the score was washed. Recently, more than one player posted on X (Twitter / Twitter) saying that they are ready to comment on the masterpiece game “Starfield”, which will be launched on September 6. Starfield conducts a “negative review bombing” Review bomb; some people claim that they will open 1,000 accounts to wash points, and some people claim that they know someone who has 600 metacritic accounts and are ready to use them all to “greeting” Starfield. $390 discount on CD-ROM consoles for a limited time|A good chance to play Baldur’s Gate III on the machine Xbox fans retaliated by bombing PS exclusive games with negative reviews and posted several screenshots showing anti-PlayStation remarks, such as “I will protect Microsoft with my life and sacrifice myself to destroy Sony”, “Xbox player community Obliged to review and bomb all Sony games” and so on. ????Lenny Saint Relic Weapon Team Experience|Yuanshin God 4.0 Character Strategy To prevent players from bombing negative reviews, new measures were introduced only last year to restrict player ratings to be left three days after the game is released. Therefore, there are score bombings on Metacritic from time to time. For example, recently, players of “Diablo 4” bombed the game with negative reviews to express their dissatisfaction with the game operation team. The site suffers from thousands of negative reviews for no reason. ????PS5 Slim physical video leaked?The socket ranking has been changed. This rumored design has a very high chance of becoming true.
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