Record-Breaking Success: Hong Kong Rope Skipping Team Dominates World Championships 2023!

2023-07-28 04:06:31

[Sports News]The Chinese Hong Kong Rope Skipping Team set 5 world records in the World Rope Skipping Championships 2023, and won 14 gold medals, 14 silver medals and 18 bronze medals in the World Rope Skipping Championships, together with the World Youth Championship held earlier. During the championship and the international open, the delegation won a total of 157 medals during the entire event, including 48 gold medals, 54 silver medals and 55 bronze medals. The results are very impressive.

The Rope Skipping Association of Hong Kong, China sent a large delegation of nearly 200 people to participate in the World Rope Skipping Championships 2023 held in Colorado, USA. The competition lasted for 8 days, including the World Rope Skipping Championships (World Championships), the World Youth Championships (World Youth Championships) and the International Open. The competition was successfully concluded on July 23. This is the first physical competition held since the establishment of the International Rope Skipping Union (IJRU) after the merger of the two major international organizations (FISAC-IRSF and WJR) and after the epidemic, and it is also the largest competition in history. More than 1,500 athletes, coaches and referees from 24 countries participated in the competition, including elite athletes from powerful countries such as Belgium, Australia, South Korea, Japan, China, the United States and Denmark.

In the individual 3-minute endurance jump competition, Liang Runxin (middle) won the men’s championship with his outstanding performance, and also broke the Hong Kong best record of 552 jumps.

There are many kinds of competitive events in the rope skipping competition, including fancy and speed competitions, as well as individual, team and relay competitions. There are so many different types of games, it’s overwhelming. In the men’s individual freestyle final, Huang Tianyou became the world’s best individual freestyle with the highest score of 81.37 in the entire World Championships. In the individual 3-minute endurance jump competition, Liang Yunxin won the men’s championship with his excellent performance, breaking the best record in Hong Kong with 552 jumps.

Female athletes performed equally well. The individual 30-second speed jump champion, “Motorized Foot” Chen Xiaolin said: “After participating in three world championships, this time I finally won the individual and team all-around awards in the women’s group. I finally achieved what I have been pursuing for many years.” The goal. This is not only my dream, but also a testament to the strength of Hong Kong female athletes. I am very happy to break my personal best record and win the championship in the individual 30-second speed jump final (106 times). Newly added The final stage gave me the opportunity to feel the atmosphere and fun of the competition.”

The Hong Kong team not only performed well in individual competitions, but also broke world records in five team competitions. A total of 9 world records were set in the entire championship, more than half of which were broken by the Hong Kong team, leading the pack.

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With the rise of the new generation of players, the veterans also showed extraordinary strength. He Zhuting has been working hard in the rope skipping industry for 20 years and won the most medals in the finals this time.He said: “The preparation process for this race was full of twists and turns. Some teammates had to retire due to injuries, and I also injured my Achilles tendon during the final sprint, so I was out of practice for more than a month. I thought about giving up for a moment. But With the encouragement of our comrades-in-arms, we made up for each other and finally participated in the World Championship. I was able to break through my best time of 30-second speed jump before the age of 30. It feels really amazing! In addition, I am also very happy to seeolympic.comThe professional judges spoke highly of my well-designed tricks. Although I failed to achieve the highest score, it also gave me another sense of satisfaction. “

Hong Kong team breaks 5 world records



record (lower number)

2 x 30 seconds single rope double jump relay

men’s team

Zhu Chaoqi and Liang Runxin


4×30 seconds interactive rope

speed jump relay

Women’s group

Chen Xiaolin, Li Zhiyue, Yin Cuishan and Yin Jinghe


4×30 seconds interactive rope

speed jump relay

mixed group

Chow Wing-lok, Ho Chu-ting, Lo Chi-ki and Li Xinyi


1 x 60 seconds interactive rope

speed jump

men’s team

Leung Yun-sin, Chu Chao-ki and Pang Po-kin


1 x 60 seconds interactive rope

speed jump

mixed group

Ye Xintian, Lin Lanpei and Liang Kairan


Source: Rope Skipping Association of Hong Kong, China

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