Record of contamination in Belgium since the start of the pandemic: 27,199 positive tests in one day

In the epidemiological bulletin that Sciensano will publish tomorrow January 6, and that Free was able to obtain, we observe that 27,199 people tested positive for Covid-19 on January 3, 2022. A record since the start of the epidemic in Belgium. The last record was dated October 27, 2021, with 22,221 cases.

The interfederal spokesperson for the fight against Covid-19, Yves Van Laethem, has already commented on this new figure to our colleagues at RTBF. He is not surprised. “It’s a record, but it will continue to increase. Overall 5 out of 6 contaminations can be attributed to Omicron. ” It is clear that this is a significant progression. It’s an explosion. While it was mainly active with 20-30 years in the Brussels region, the virus is now present throughout the country and affects all age groups, except the elderly “, analysis Van Laethem.

Hospitalizations are increasing

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