Red Bull 400: Hot fight at Bergisel

On August 27th, the Red Bull 400 takes place on the famous Bergisel ski jump – but in running shoes instead of ski jumping skis and in the opposite direction, namely from bottom to top. The 11th edition of what is probably the most extreme mountain running sprint in the world is making its debut in Innsbruck and will once again inspire ambitious runners to push themselves to their physical and mental limits. In addition to the individual and relay starters, the sportiest Florianijünger teams from all over Austria will again show how fit they are in 2022. Registration for Red Bull 400 is available at

For the first time in its history, the Red Bull 400 August 27th will find a new and even more spectacular venue on the Bergisel ski jump. Then motivated mountain runners, prominent top athletes and ambitious hobby runners take on the famous ski jump again. The participants will need around 600-800 steps from the start to the finish. After the starting signal, it goes from the outrun over the extremely steep landing slope, the front section, the take-off table and then, last but not least, up the inrun track. In the steepest part, the route reaches a gradient of up to 75 percent, here even the best of the best are brought to their knees. The duration of exertion during the race is very short with an average running time of around six minutes, but it is of the highest intensity – pulse and breathing rate reach absolute peak values.

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As in the previous editions, the successful concept of the categories will also be continued in Tyrol – since the beginning, the participants have been able to fight in the disciplines full distance women and men as well as relays (since 2011 men’s relays, since 2013 mixed relays). Since 2012, the best fire brigade teams in Austria have also been taking on the challenge of the Red Bull 400. The fight between the fire brigade squadrons has become legendary and it has almost achieved cult status when the Floriani youth in teams of four and in fire brigade gear fight their way up the ski jump.

Registration for the world’s toughest 400 meters is open possible.

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