Regen im Warm-up, Highsider Marc Marquez

1:04 a.m

MotoGP Warm-up: Checkered Flag

The result is of course not meaningful because the rain has increased over the course of the 20 minutes. At the very beginning, Johann Zarco set the best time with 1:36.804 minutes. He is 1.4 seconds faster than Maverick Vinales.

Since many drivers went out later, most drivers are five or six seconds behind in heavy rain. Only Marc Marquez didn’t set a lap time.

1:00 a.m

MotoGP Warm-up: Marquez crash

And moments later, Marc Marquez flies off his Honda in the Southern Loop. He just left the pit lane and drove extremely slowly. Maybe he touched the curb on the inside. With sagging shoulders he trudges away. The Honda is damaged in the meadow.

12:59 a.m

MotoGP warm-up: Quartararo in the grass

In Turn 1, Quartararo comes off the outside of the track and he drives across the wet grass. The world champion manages to straighten the motorcycle and brake. He does not fall and returns to the track.

12:55 a.m

MotoGP Warm-up: busy again

Now the entire track is really wet. Riders prefer either wet or dry, but not mixed conditions. With the exception of Zarco, Aleix Espargaro and Marc Marquez, all drivers are now doing laps and checking the grip conditions in case it does rain in the afternoon. But no rain is forecast.

12:51 a.m

MotoGP Warm-up: Marquez in the pits too

After a slow lap in the pouring rain, Marc Marquez also comes back into the pits. Only Oliveira and Bastianini are out.

Jack Miller’s bike is now primed for rain and the Australian goes out for a check. Quartararo also gets ready again and puts on his helmet.

12:47 a.m

MotoGP Warm-up: An die Box

Despite wet tyres, most drivers return to the pits, but this is the first time Marc Marquez has gone out for a sight-seeing lap. It’s pouring in the pit lane. Phillip Island lives up to its reputation of four seasons in one day.

12:45 a.m

MotoGP Warm-up: It’s raining

The rain increases significantly, especially in the first sector. It’s pouring in the pit lane. Most drivers with slicks come back to the pits. At the beginning, eleven drivers set a lap time with rain tires.

12:43 a.m

MotoGP Warm-up: Some slicks

It starts and most of the drivers leave the pits, although you can’t learn much in these conditions. At Marini, Miller and Bezzecchi we even see slicks, the rest use rain tires. Marc Marquez is waiting in the pits, as are some of the drivers.

And at the beginning of the warm-up, it surprisingly starts to rain again.

12:34 a.m

Moto2 Warm-up: Clear best time for Alonso Lopez

Some drivers are waiting in the pits so as not to take any risks in these mixed conditions. Others do a few laps with rain tires. Some only do one check lap and then go straight back to the pits. Of course, these ten minutes are not meaningful.

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With 1:36.848 minutes, Alonso Lopez sets a clear best time, because the Boscoscuro driver is two seconds faster than Aron Canet. Warm-up ended for Canet with a highside at Turn 10. The Spaniard was thrown over the front of his bike.

In the end, 18 of the 29 drivers set a lap time.

12:14 a.m

Moto3 Warm-up: Best time for David Munoz

On a wet track, the lap times are a little more than ten seconds slower than in dry qualifying. After ten minutes, David Munoz marked the best time of 1:44.725 minutes. He is three tenths of a second faster than John McPhee. Third is Diogo Moreira.

Sergio Garcia is fourth, 1.2 seconds behind. Jaume Masia completes the top 5. World Cup favorite Izan Guevara is 13th. No one is risking anything in these ten minutes. The time intervals are large, and there are no incidents. It was just to check the bike.

11:58 p.m

Wet track

It rained again during the night and the track is damp in the morning. However, the sun is shining and no rain is forecast for the rest of the day. So the races should be in the dry, but the warm-ups have to be done with rain tires. With an air temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, it is also relatively cool.

11:55 p.m

Good morning!

A third and last time we welcome you to the live ticker for the Australian Grand Prix at nighttime. After the three warm-ups, we can look forward to three spectacular races at Phillip Island. In MotoGP we expect a group race because the riders have to protect the tyres. Whoever does it best will have chances in the end.

Sunday, October 16 (in CEST):
00:00 – 00:10 Moto3 warm up
00:20 – 00:30 Moto2 Warm Up
00:40 – 01:00 MotoGP Warm-up

02:00 a.m.: Moto3 race (23 laps)
03:20: Moto2 race (25 laps)
5:00 am: MotoGP race (27 laps)

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