Relics brings Rock his dark side of the moon

2023-08-18 08:12:00

Relics, Patagonian Tribute to Pink Floyd, returns to Roca with a show that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the emblematic album “The Dark Side of the Moon”, this Monday, at 8:00 p.m., in Margarita Multiespacio (Mexico 652).

Advance tickets can be purchased at Librería Urbana (La Plata 1068, Gral. Roca), Decibelza (Bartolomé Miter 343, Gral. Roca) and at Peluquería Tiziano, (Ministro González 92, Neuquén)
With his current lineup made up of Alejandro Sandoval (lead vocals and guitar), Negro Farías (drums, percussion), Kathy Fuentes, Cecilia Benítez and Mariana Benítez (vocals and backing vocals), Rodrigo Lara (guitar), Sebastián Barrio (piano, keyboards, programming and samples), Nicolás Villagra (guitar, background vocals and slide-guitar), Sebastián Mozzoni (bass) and Pablo de la Fuente (sax, background vocals), Relics will recreate from start to finish and in the original order the emblematic eighth album by Pink Floyd, published in March 1973.

Relics: The Dark Side and more

In addition to the wonderful excursion through “The Dark Side of the Moon”, Relics will take a tour of other loose classics from Pink Floyd’s discography, including several surprises for the ears of those who have followed them since the first shows, as advanced Alejandro Sandoval in a dialogue with Río Negro. The staging will include a series of led screens distributed along the stage and image work by Nico Quesada.

It will not be the first time that the Relics have made this complete album, since they had already played it in 2014 as a “turn of the screw” of the project. But it is “The Dark Side of The Moon” the only Pink Floyd album that the project brought to the scene completely, from start to finish, as it will happen this Monday.
What is “The Dark Side of the Moon”? “It’s a kind of trip,” says Ale Sandoval, without hesitation. “Played like this, from start to finish, it’s an incredible journey. We always play individual songs from this album at shows, ‘Time’, ‘Money’, ‘Us and Them’… but all of them played together from start to finish is something hypnotic, because of the start it has with the screams and beats and then, to the touch ‘Breathe’, where it seems that we came from the chaos and began to float with ‘Breathe’, very sensitively played. ‘Breathe’ has two parts, the other is after ‘Time’, which, when it ends, is again a part of ‘Breathe’ but loaded with a little more overdrivers, with another aggressiveness in the guitars. They are the same arrangements as the ‘Breathe’ at the beginning, but played with a different intensity, the record gains another character as it progresses”, says the guitarist, one of the three that Relics has.
“On the Run” is another of the songs on the album that deserved a separate comment from Sandoval, a way of highlighting the decisive work of keyboardist Rick Wright: “It’s one of the songs that laid the foundations of electronic music and what DJ’s are playing today, that moment of Wright and another with a completely different nuance as is the beginning of ‘The Great Gig in the Sky’”.

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