Relive the quiet victory of the Irish (36-14) against the XV du Chardon…

2023-10-07 22:40:58

11:02 p.m.: Come on, I’ll leave you to go party with the Irish (I’m kidding, I’m going to follow the post-match press conferences. Ciao!)

23h : The first quarters include France – South Africa and All Blacks – Ireland. What a foot!

22h58 : Scotland finished 3rd in the group of death and left the World Cup, which is obviously disgusting given the level of the last two groups

22h54 : And Zombie resounding at the Stade de France, all the Irish sing in chorus raaaah the thrills really

81st: It’s over! One-sided victory for Ireland which continues its unbeaten streak, 17 games without losing from now on. The world number 1s send a new message to the competition. Next opponent, New Zealand next Saturday

80th: WELL NO! AHEAD! And scrum to follow, Scottish introduction. 36-14 so

10:51 p.m.: AND IT’S DONE! TRY, the seventh of the match for Ireland 41-14

79e : Ireland looking for one last try, just like that, for fun

78e : France – Afsud, All Blacks – Ireland. These two quarters, we’re going to make them with a ton of popcorn

76e : Everyone will finish the match freewheeling, we can consider that it’s over (but don’t leave eh)

72e : Everyone is super cooked on the pitch, the Scots have their hands on their knees, are out of breath, desperate. These Irish are wringers

69e : The Irish tightened the game after five crazy minutes. But we finally have the balanced match we were waiting for. It’s just that he’s a little late,

68e : Extremely comical sequence between the Scots who do anything with the pass and the Irish who don’t even take advantage of it. Throw-in for the XV du Chardon

67e : Totally Scottish end to the match. Contest and penalty in favor of Scotland, Russell finds the penalty

66th: Easy transformation for Russell, oh well! At least it won’t be a shock for the Scots. 36-14


63rd: Almost innocuous action, a cute little shift in the pass for Ashman who goes to finish on the right wing. Russell, who had delighted at the very start of the action, transformed. 36-7. BE CAREFUL AT THE REMONTADA. I’m kidding


59e : Crowley doesn’t convert, it hits the post. “Only” 36-0

57th: WOW THE MAGIIISTRAL RINGROSE TEST! Even without Sexton it sends wood at the opening, how beautiful this kicking game is. OK, Scotland is no longer there, but it’s still beautiful

54e : The Scots are giving absolutely everything to pass this test of honor, it is now the Irish (finally team B) who are struggling a little more to advance

51st : The Scots not far from succeeding in saving honor with a wave of Russell’s magic wand at the beginning. But the Irish don’t give up ANYTHING AT ALL on their line, it’s incredible

49e : A large half of the Irish team has just left, the message is clear, RE-POS.

48e : Nothing to see but tell yourself that in the press room of the Stade de France, while I was having a coffee before the match, I heard Christian Jeanpierre say “I think that New Zealand will beat Ireland and that the Irish are going to lose their feathers this evening.” For the All Blacks, we’ll see next week. For the feathers, I’m still waiting

47e : NOOOO! Every time they enter the Irish 22, the Scots screw up a pass or a reception. It’s annoying

45th: Sexton misses the transfer and goes out straight away. Crowley replaces him, we put grandpa in the fridge until the quarter-finals

44th: At 15, Scotland were overwhelmed, at 14 it’s even worse… Sheehan plants the Irish’s 5th try

43rd: Let’s recreate the scene, Smith gives Sexton a small brush, who turns around to start him and behind another Irishman starts the fight. Yellow card for Smith, Scotland at 14

43 e : Irish and Scottish forwards who wrestle, it falls behind the billboards, WHERE IS JOHN CENA????

42e : Russell doesn’t know what to invent anymore so he makes crosses like a footballer. AND BEHIND THERE IS BASTOOOON OH LALALAAAAAA

40th: Here we go again at the Stade de France!

22h00 : What do you hate the most among the things that we culturally imported from the United States? For me it’s the “gender reveal parties” and the kiss cams at halftime. It bothers me terribly.

21h50 : I see you talking about arbitration in the comments and it is indeed a point that I have not yet had time to address. The Scots are logically leading but were not really helped by the referee

40th: HALF TIME! It’s a rugby lesson from the Irish at the moment. Scotland didn’t even have time to believe it.

37th: Ohhh But Keenan how he keeps that one! And what a brilliant pass from Sexton, or crazy, I don’t know. On the other hand behind me I have a little doubt about the try, I don’t see it flattening… But it is granted and transformed 26-0 and offensive bonus

35e : Be careful, the offensive bonus is very close. The Scots are asphyxiated. I’m thinking of the sequence of 17 phases of play between the 10th and 15th minute, which completely destroyed the Chardon XV

34e : Well, it will be South Africa for the Blues, as planned.

32nd: All in power, why bother looking for the gap when you can just gain meters in strength with your forwards? It’s borderline South African. And Sexton transforms again, 19-0


28e : The Chardon XV is no longer moving forward and is making mistakes. Their morale is already at zero after not even half-time. And we understand them: the Irish defense is depressingly solid

27th: Sexton-Aki-Ringrose, the launching pad to pierce the Scottish rearguard, it’s exceptional. IT’S VERY STRONG. And this time it’s transformed by Johnny Sexton. 12-0 for world number 1s

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26th: Ohhhhhh Ireland’s magistraaaaal try, it’s going much, much too quickly!!!!!

24th : What happens on air receptions on Graham. He just scored 2 out of 3 in less than five minutes

23e : Magnificent Scottish defense on the verge of finding 50-22, the Stade de France held its breath on this attempted kick Russell

20e : Graham messes up on an aerial ball and gives the Irish a touch on this reception.

18e : Ouch, Ritchie is out with an injury for Scotland. Big blow for the Xv du Chardon

17th: HANSEN LETS THE BALL ESCAPE! Oh the 2nd try was there, very close for the Irish. O’mahony had pulled away to release an offload to his winger but the good Scottish defense got involved

16e : Well it won’t last too long. Scotland get a scrum in their own half. Surprising all the same how they defend not so badly by almost not going into the rucks

15e : Ireland is regaining ground and will finally be able to attack a little. Because since the test we have seen them more offensively

13th: 17th Scottish phase of play. I’m tired in the stands myself, it’s offensive fireworks! And at the end of the story, it is Ireland that comes out on top. Scottish forward

14e : The Scots continue the sequences with ball in hand but… fall back! They are eaten up by the Irish defensive power. They are monstrous

12e : The ball travels from hand to hand, Scotland obtains a new penalty on the other side of the field after a good shift from Russell.

10e : The throw-in is blocked by the Irish but luckily it comes out in touch. Second chance for the XV du Chardon which is getting closer to the opposing line

9e : Come on, it’s won for Scotland. Penalty, Russell goes for the penalty

8th : Scrum Scottish introduction, it’s winded, it needs to be done again. Come on, let’s hurry, gentlemen.

6e : It defends well on the Irish side after an overthrow of Russell. We see again the Irish line which had so frustrated South Africa

4e : The Chardon XV gets back on track and destroys Ireland with rapid transmissions. Penalty for Scotland, high tackle. 5-3 ball… But Russell goes for the touch! #Ambition

3e : The try was not converted, Scotland are lucky in their misfortune

2nd: Ringrose’s fake pass which pierces the Scottish line, the rest is poetry and James Lowe at the conclusion. Gorgeous!


1st: HERE WE GO! Johnny Sexton kicks off the match!

20h59 : The anthems are incredible, very rich in emotion on both sides, but particularly on the Irish side. Goosebumps!

8:55 p.m.: Both teams are on the pitch at the Stade de France! Big, big atmosphere, it’s fire

20h50 : It’s a little more balanced in the stands than during Ireland-Afsud, but overall there is still a lot more green than blue at the Stade de France

20h40 : Very cool atmosphere between the supporters of the two teams before the meeting. It plays nicely, and it even works the keys

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20h35 : So what are your predictions? Do you believe in a crazy scenario or a shaky match with an Irish victory emerging very quickly?

8:30 p.m.: Tonight it’s KILT OR DOUBLE!

That’s it, it’s good, I’ve made the valve I can breathe. We are at the Stade de France, there is still half an hour of waiting before the kick-off of the match of fear for Ireland, which a defeat without an offensive bonus would send HOME. Yes, yes, despite the superb victory against South Africa. Well, let’s calm you down, it’s unlikely to happen. BUT you never know.

4:07 p.m.: Hello my reliable rugby players, how are you?

This interminable group stage is soon coming to an end (not too soon), but it has perhaps saved the best for last with this fun poster between the best team in the world and the one that plays the most beautiful attacking rugby. In recent years, the clash of the two opposing styles has constantly turned in favor of the Irish, but any dark streak eventually ends one day. What if it was this evening, at the Stade de France, with a Graham with fiery legs on the wing and a Russell at his maximum inspiration threshold? We strongly believe in it (no, but you have to sell the match)

>> Meet here from 8:30 p.m.

#Relive #quiet #victory #Irish #Chardon..

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