Remembering River Phoenix: Heartfelt Messages from Mama Heart on the Anniversary of His Death

2023-08-24 19:01:00

River Phoenix (†) Heartfelt message from Mama Heart on the anniversary of his death

Joaquin Phoenix and River Phoenix in 1985

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Joaquin Phoenix’s older brother, River Phoenix, died of drugs in October 1993 at the age of 23. He remains unforgotten to this day, Mama Heart now posts very touching lines on Instagram for his birthday.

He was one of the most promising young actors in Hollywood and left this world far too early: River Phoenix, †23. With films like “Stand by Me – The Secret of a Summer” and “My Private Idaho” he played his way into the hearts of the audience and was one of the up-and-coming young stars of the film industry. But he died in front of the legendary club “Viper Room” in Los Angeles from a drug cocktail in the arms of his brother Joaquin Phoenix, 38. Only his death could be determined in the hospital. Shocking then as now.

River Phoenix (†): He will not be forgotten

The popular actor would have turned 53 on August 23, but fate had other plans – he was never to see that day. Just like the many other birthdays before. Of course, River Phoenix will not be forgotten by his family. Brother and Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix and his wife Rooney Mara, 38, named their son River in his honor. The boy saw the light of day in September 2020 – what a beautiful token of love for the deceased.

Brother’s drug death Interview: Joaquin Phoenix couldn’t grieve properly


Touching Instagram message from Heart Phoenix

Arlyn Sharon Phoenix, commonly known as Heart Phoenix, 78, is the mother of Phoenix children River Phoenix, Joaquin Phoenix, Liberty Phoenix, 47, Summer Phoenix, 44, and Rain Phoenix, 50. Of course, she will never forget her eldest – him made her a mother for the first time, changed her life forever and touched her soul forever.

On Instagram, she always reminds of River Phoenix on his birthday. Also this year she found touching lines for her social media followers. “August 23, 1970…one of the happiest days of my life,” she writes, praising “his humor, his wisdom, his authenticity, his talent, his compassion, his vulnerability and his undying love for his siblings.” “The greatest pain I’ve experienced in my life was the pain of a natural birth and while it’s very different, the pain of the passing of my son.”

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The child stars from “Stand by Me” What happened to them?

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But instead of sinking into the valley of sadness, she would rather celebrate his 23-year life. “There are no guarantees in life and I don’t think any of us are immune from tragedy.” The fact that she was allowed to be his mother for 23 years is one of the “greatest blessings”. Due to his premature death, she always lives “in the moment” and always navigates through many challenges in her life. “The life and death of River taught me that.”

She continued by saying, “I am in awe of the fact that he lives on within me. Thank you for all the precious messages I have received over the past 30 years.”

They are touching words from a loving mother who has come to terms with the death of her eldest son and found peace over the years, yet River Phoenix will remain in her heart forever.

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