Replays of the World Cup Qualifiers

The World Cup qualifiers witnessed a series of matches being repeated due to refereeing errors and riots. Will the matches between Egypt and Algeria be repeated?

  • From the match between Senegal and South Africa in the year 2018

Arbitration errors in the match between Algeria and Cameroon sparked widespread controversy, which prompted the Algerian Federation to… Appeal to FIFA Against arbitration and referee Bakari Gasma, as Mistakes caused Algeria to not qualify for the 2022 World Cup, Qatar.

And the voices rose to replay the match between Egypt and Senegal, because of Crowd use of laser lightsWhat prompted FIFA to open an investigation into the events? The “Pharaohs” team also failed to reach the World Cup.

The World Cup qualifiers witnessed the replay of a number of matches, including two matches, one for Egypt and the other for Senegal.

In 1993, the Egyptian national team faced Zimbabwe in a decisive match to qualify for the final stage of the 1994 World Cup qualifiers, and the match was held at Cairo Stadium. Egypt won 2-1, but the match was canceled due to the famous “brick” incident that hit the Zimbabwe coach, and it was decided to replay the match in a neutral stadium in the French city of Lyon, and it ended in a goalless draw, so Egypt failed to qualify for the World Cup.

In 2018, the International Football Association decided to repeat the match between South Africa and Senegal, in the second round of the African World Cup qualifiers, after the match ended with South Africa winning (2-1).

Because of the huge refereeing mistakes of Ghanaian referee Joseph Lamptey, most notably calculating a fake penalty kick in favor of “Bafana Bafana”, from which the first goal came, the match was replayed and Senegal won (2-0) and qualified for the World Cup.

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In 2011, FIFA canceled the result of a match in the Asian qualifiers for the World Cup, between Uzbekistan and Bahrain, and ordered the match to be replayed following an arbitration error.

FIFA said at the time that Japanese referee Toshimitsu Yoshida made a “technical error” by canceling a penalty kick for Uzbekistan and awarding Bahrain a free kick instead of retaking the penalty.

Uzbekistan had won the first leg match at home to Bahrain (1-0), before the result was annulled.

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