Ribo: Budget 2024 brings significant improvements in the care sector – care bonus fixed in the salaries of nursing staff

2023-10-19 10:27:07

Greens: Increasing the nursing care fund ensures that everyone in Austria has the right to age with dignity

Vienna (OTS) “All people in Austria have the right to grow old with dignity. That’s exactly what we’re ensuring with this budget and increasing the care fund to a total of 1.1 billion euros,” says Bedrana Ribo, spokeswoman for the Greens for care, seniors and people with disabilities. Increasing the nursing care fund not only secures the continued financing of nursing care provision, but also, for example, wage increases and training subsidies for nursing staff.

“With this budget we are investing in the future of Austria and laying the foundation for significant improvements in the care sector. It is a budget of appreciation for the people who work in nursing and for their tireless commitment,” says Ribo and further explains: “Particularly noteworthy is ensuring the continued financing of the community nursing projects. Now it is up to the communities to continue these projects. The budget also took into account improvements for 24-hour care and for family caregivers,” says Ribo.

A pension increase of 9.7 percent was also achieved for seniors from 2024, which corresponds to a total volume of 2.7 billion euros. An additional 60 million euros were negotiated to improve the social and professional participation of people with disabilities. “The additional 60 million euros for people with disabilities is another important step. For example, we can continue to finance the pilot project for the harmonization of personal assistance and enable further measures for the professional participation of people with disabilities, but many more investments will still be needed in the next few years so that people with disabilities receive the attention they deserve “, explains Ribo.

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