rioters would have fired Kalashnikovs, several cities are set ablaze

2023-06-30 23:58:26

Demonstrations in France continue. Many French towns and cities again descended into chaos last night, three days after the death of young Nahel, shot at point-blank range by a police officer after refusing to comply. 875 arrests were made in France, including 408 in Paris and its inner suburbs. A total of 492 buildings were hit, 2,000 vehicles burned and 3,880 street fires started last night.

Emmanuel Macron chaired a new crisis unit. He said he was ready to adapt the policing system “without taboos”. New tensions erupted on Friday evening, particularly in Marseille and Lyon.

Videos posted on Snapchat show shotgun fire in Nîmes : Shotguns would have been used in Nîmes to destroy cameras, according to several videos, showing hooded and little worried individuals. For now, this video is not authenticated and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Rioters reportedly fired Kalashnikovs in the Duchère district of Lyon : Individuals were seen firing a Kalashnikov-style assault rifle, according to multiple videos on social media. It is currently not possible to authenticate these images, but several publications by residents attest to the existence of these shots.

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