Roberto Firmino’s Performance Decline in Al-Ahly: Is the Coach to Blame?

2023-10-30 03:35:00

Hi Koura – Brazilian star Roberto Firmino, Al-Ahly player, has faced great criticism during the recent period, after his performance declined and his inability to score goals, especially during the last El Clásico match against Al-Hilal, which witnessed Al-Raqi’s 3-1 loss.

It would not be fair to place all the criticism on Firmino due to his absence from scoring and putting more pressure on him from Al-Ahly fans, but coach Matthias Jaisle is considered a reason for the decline in the Brazilian star’s level, as he burned the player’s cards with the way he dealt with the bad period he was going through.

Yasila’s insistence on not finding a tactical solution for Firmino by placing a player to help him score on the front line or changing the technical form puts more pressure on the Brazilian striker, as it has become necessary for the coach to help the player now instead of burning all the cards of a world-class player of this caliber, or… At least resort to a solution to relieve him from some confrontations to relieve pressure on him.

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