Rock Lovers Unite: The Middle Pie Tribute Concert featuring AC/DC, The Doors, and Black Sabbath

2023-08-18 23:40:15

Bogota lovers of good rock will be able to enjoy in The Middle Pie of three local groupings of the genus: The Doogs, Bonner y The Voidwhich pay tribute to world rock legends like AC/DC, The Doors and Black Sabbath.

The Retro Rock Fest concert: A trip to the past takes place on Saturday, August 19 at Media Torta in Bogotá.

The event will take place starting at 3:00 pm in the run-up to the 85th anniversary of La Average Pie from Bogota.

Bonner is a tribute band that fully embodies the role of the iconic British-Australian hard rock band. AC/DC.

The Void is a band that pays homage to what is considered the first Heavy Rock or Heavy Metal band in history: Black Sabbath.

For their part, the tribute band The Doogsmore than 10 years of experience, pays a heartfelt tribute to the great bands The Doors y Black Sabbath.

Support: Mayor of Bogotá DC

Schedule: 3:00 pm

Address: Cl. 18 #1-05E

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