ROG Ally: The Ultimate Portable Gaming PC by ASUS – Unboxing, Design, Specs, and Performance Review

2023-07-10 02:40:17

ROG Ally (read R-O-G Ally), the first portable gaming PC from ASUS, has arrived in Thailand and the team Received the device to test as usual Don’t miss out on making an unboxing article today. Check the device and reveal the design of the device to follow before the actual launch on July 19, if you are ready, let’s follow! Unbox ROG Ally Let’s start looking at the ROG Ally package first. The box comes in a fairly large size, gray-white tones that look quite fresh. The front has a clear illustration of the device. Opening the box, we will find a paper instruction that tells us to plug in the adapter that comes in the box first the first time we turn it on. There is a space for push buttons of the machine with analogues showing up a bit. Next down, you will find the real device. I have to say that the first feeling that I saw the device was secretly a little bigger than I thought. which now let’s explain the design of the device again Lift the machine out, we will find a box of documentation, user manual. At the bottom, there’s a 65W fast charging adapter that comes in the same shape as a laptop adapter. Oh … almost forgot that the lid of the box has a stand that comes with the device as well. It’s a white sheet that says ROG, here we can use it as a place to place the device, leaving the space exactly. In total, the equipment that comes in the box of ROG Ally has 4 things as follows: ROG Ally device, documentation, fast charging adapter 65W ROG machine stand ROG Ally design It’s time to see the design of the ROG Ally in full. The machine comes in a new generation of portable gaming machines. There is a large screen 7 ″ in the middle with push buttons and analogues on the left-right side, the device is white. Get the same mood as the ROG Phone of later generations that focus on white instead of dark black. As I said, the device is larger than expected. It takes up a lot of space in the controller and body part. The device material is a plastic side that is good to the touch, not too oily or too slippery when holding and playing around the device, with square edges and concave corners that support the palm well when holding the device. As for the weight, it will be at 608 grams. Ask if it is heavy or not. but the weight distribution is good when holding But if you have to hold and use it for a long time, you will definitely have a wrist. The screen of 7 “ROG Ally shows good results. It is an IPS LCD screen with FHD resolution, supports full touch and supports the highest refresh rate. At 120Hz, the response is considered good. Tap-scroll the screen, it’s not stuck. The button will be positioned like a joystick XBOX ABXY button on the right side with an analogue below. The buttons have a flat dome curve that is good and bounces like an XBOX joystick, so it’s fun to press, not too hard. Here we like it. And the left side will place the analog on top, the D-Pad button is below. As I said, the button is like an XBOX joystick, so it’s easy to press. There are also XBOX-style View and Menu buttons on the side of the screen, and there’s also a Command Center button on Armory Crate SE for quick access to settings and game selection. Can transmit sound power in stereo as well, it’s a position that we like. Because when playing the game, it has a clear view Do not put your hands on it easily as well. The top has a shoulder button like that of the XBOX again, divided into RB LB, a small flat button and a trigger button RT LT. Easy to press, play FPS games, definitely satisfied, plus the button also has texture. which provides a good touch when pressing as well But that’s not enough, because on the back there are still M1 M2 buttons that fit the middle fingers on both sides, here we can set up other additional buttons as well. The back design is full with the ROG logo. Which is a cool air vent with 2 fans inside to distribute hot air out of the top. and above we can see many components, so from left to right there is a 3.5mm headphone jack, microSD slot, XG Mobile separate graphics card connection port, USB-C port, volume up-down button , Status LED and Power button with a fingerprint sensor inside as well As for the design, it’s probably like this. Comes in a new generation of portable game machines Seeing it for the first time, I could feel that take the matter for sure What I like is that the body is designed to accept the shape of the hand well. The buttons are firmly pressed like an XBOX joystick. Just seeing it wants to, but it gets cool in the style of ROG, but the weight of the device is about 608 grams. It’s also heavy if held for a long time. Probably have wrist pain as well ROG Ally software, although the outside ROG Ally looks like a closed-system game machine, but actually inside is used as normal Windows 11, which will have a UI covered with Armory Crate SE again, adding Is a game machine again like a Dashboard, including games that are available on the machine Including other settings of the machine in this too ROG Ally specification For the internal specification of ROG Ally, it uses an AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme chip with an internal capacity of 16GB (LPDDR5) + 512GB (PCle Gen 4) with At this level, ASUS claims that it can play all AAA games! ROG Ally specification summary Machine size: 28.0 x 11.1 x 2.12 ~ 3.24 cm Weight: 608 grams Screen: IPS 7 ″, aspect ratio 16: 9 Resolution: FHD (1920 x 1800), sRGB 100%, maximum brightness 500nits, Gorilla Glass DXC and Gorilla Glass Victusrefresh rate: 120HzProcessor: AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme Octa-Core (4nm)Graphics: AMD Radeon Graphics (AMD RDNA 3)RAM: 16GB LPDDR5SSD: 512GB M.2 NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD Battery: 40Wh Sound system: Dual speakers with Smart Amplifier technology USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 connection port x 1 ROG XG Mobile Interface x 1 UHS-II microSD card reader x 1 Headphone port and microphone size 3.5 mm jack 2 -in-1 x 1Connection: Wi-Fi 6E(802.11ax) (Dual band) 2×2 + Bluetooth 5.3 Wireless CardOperating System: Windows 11 HomeColor: White As for ROG Ally, how about performance and software? Just after trying to play Try to use it for real and then come back to the full review for you to read in another article. As for the overall design and specification, it’s pretty interesting, as ASUS is a brand that specializes in gaming laptops and already has an excellent ROG brand. When coming to play in this market, it is ready with a design that meets the gaming needs very well. Including the supplied specifications that are sufficient for playing giant games in a portable format as well!
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