Russia beat Iraq in St. Petersburg – 2:0. Zabili Miranchuk and Pinyaev

The Russian national team beat Iraq (2:0) in a friendly match in St. Petersburg. led text online broadcast games.

Anton Miranchuk opened the scoring in the 50th minute, coming on as a substitute after the break. Sergey Pinyaev scored the second goal of the Russian national team on the 58th, becoming the youngest scorer in the history of the national team.

Friendly match

the date of the

March 26, 18.00, Gazprom Arena


1:0 –
50 Miranchuk,
2:0 –
58 Pinyaev.

Russia – Pesyakov, Osipenko (Khlusevich, 66), Litvinov, Silyanov, Fomin (Kuzyaev, 67), Prutsev (Miranchuk, 46), Glebov, Denisov, Oblyakov (Karavaev, 80), Pinyaev (Zinkovsky, 71), Sobolev (Tyukavin, 74).
Iraq – Hassan, Adnan (Al Ani, 67), Fayez, Nadim, Matrook (Adnan, 74), Baesh (Ammar, 67), Rashid, Kadim (Nabeel, 81), Iqbal, Hussein (Rustom, 81), Al-Hamadi (Farhan, 74).

Baesh (45), Hussein (56), Glebov (90).


Kuzyaev (90).

NOTE: start time of the match – Moscow.

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