Russian Blitzkrieg in Avdiivka: A Firsthand Account from the Front Lines

2023-11-24 12:30:17

Several Russian soldiers hid behind armored vehicles, trying to use them to protect themselves.Picture: Reposted from Twitter

[Newtalk新聞] According to reports from the NGP Razvedka channel, as of the 22nd, during the Avdiivka battle, the Russian army conducted a bold attack on the southern flank industrial zone and successfully advanced. Russian assault troops carried out a surprise lightning attack on Ukrainian army positions and successfully quickly occupied five buildings in the industrial zone. It is understood that the fortifications that the Ukrainian army has been building here since 2014 were damaged.

In the evening of the same day, the Russian infantry, supported by armored vehicles, broke through the defenses of the Ukrainian army in the industrial area. Currently, 80% of the industrial area is under the control of the Russian army. The Ukrainian army only has a few houses left in the western suburbs, which were captured. Maybe it’s a matter of time.

In the Himik micro-area on the south side, there were reports that Ukrainian military facilities were subjected to large-scale air strikes by the Russian army using RBK-500 cluster bombs. This weapon had been tested in the old Myorskei area.

In the Gorlovka area in the northeast, the Ukrainian army tried to launch an attack in the direction of Maiorskei, but was repelled by Russian artillery. After a four-hour offensive, the Ukrainian army suffered more than fifty casualties and ultimately ended in failure.

In the Novokalinovo area on the north side, the Ukrainian army still held its position despite constant artillery fire from the Russian army. The latest news indicates that the Russian army has gathered 40,000 soldiers near Avdiivka.

In addition, a video showed several Russian soldiers hiding behind armored vehicles on the battlefield in Avdiivka, trying to use the armored vehicles to protect themselves. However, for FPV drones, this approach does not provide protection for these Russian soldiers.

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A Ukrainian soldier holds his position in Avdiivka in August 2023. This is one of the hot spots of fighting between Ukraine and Russia.Photo: Dazhi Image/Associated Press

During the Russo-Ukrainian war, the houses of Avdiivka residents were damaged.Photo: Dazhi Image/Associated Press

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