Russian Oncologist Urges Annual HPV Testing: Importance and Risks Outlined

2023-12-27 21:59:45

Oncologist Umarova recommended getting tested for HPV once a year

Russians were advised to get tested for human papillomavirus once a year. This recommendation was made by obstetrician-gynecologist and oncologist Safiya Umarova. The portal writes about this “”. The doctor said that you should then consult a specialist and undergo treatment if prescribed by a doctor.

Safiya Umarova outlined the risks if you do not undergo timely examinations. According to her, it is possible to miss the preconditions for serious diseases. A person with HPV may develop condylomas. There are several strains of the virus, some of which pose a risk of contracting cancer. Women are at risk, so they should pay special attention to this issue.

You should consult your doctor if you have any health problems. Self-medication is prohibited and life-threatening.

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