Russians were closed production in brotherly Angola (VIDEO)

Alrosa will have to sell its stake in the Angolan diamond mining company Catoca due to Angola’s concerns about the prospects of cooperation with the sanctioned company, said Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Moiseev. According to him, the negotiations have moved into a constructive direction, the amount of the transaction is being discussed with “friendly investors.” Alrosa has been operating in Angola since 1992 and owns a 41% stake in the Catoca mining association.

Meanwhile, a recent report by the American public opinion research institute Gallup states that the median approval rating for the actions of the Russian leadership in Africa is 42%. Moreover, since 2022, “Moscow’s image in Africa has improved even more than that of China.” Over the past 15 years, Russia had the highest indicator of soft power in 2011 – 57%.

Russia’s approval rating fell only in Uganda (by 16%) and Gambia (by 11%). The strongest Russian support is received in the Sahel countries – Mali (89%), Burkina Faso (81%) and Chad (76%). In these three countries, Russia is the dominant power in approval ratings.

According to the report, in 2023 the United States lost its place as the most influential power in Africa, losing first place to China – 58% to 56%. Interestingly, Germany’s approval rating is estimated at 54%.

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2024-05-04 06:52:41

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