Salzburg: ÖVP candidate Kreibich is mobilizing nationwide against KPÖ frontman Dankl

2024-01-05 09:50:07

Around two months before the local council elections in Salzburg, Florian Kreibich, ÖVP mayoral candidate in the state capital, is now mobilizing against the KPÖ-plus frontman Kay-Michael Dankl, who was considered the favorite. And nationwide.

Kreibich is now writing to all of the approximately 25,000 members of the People’s Party in the state. The letter states, among other things: “Because in the city of Salzburg, the mayoral and municipal council elections on March 10th are a directional election. It’s about whether our Salzburg will continue to be a successful city with a world reputation, or whether it’s all a communist-socialist experiment endangers what our Salzburg stands for and what has been created in the last decades.”

Kreibich considers a communist mayor “with socialist and green stirrup holders in the area.” He even speaks of a danger that “we must take very, very seriously and avert together.”

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