Samsung confirms hacking of Galaxy source code but user data not affected

After Nvidia, Samsung. On Monday, the South Korean firm admitted to having been the victim of hackers who stole internal data, in particular part of the source code of ses smartphones Galaxy. Samsung, however, ensures that no user data has been compromised.

On Friday, the Lapsus$ hacker group, which had previously targeted chipmaker Nvidia, announced on Telegram that it had uploaded 200 GB of internal Samsung data, including the source code for the Galaxy’s biometric functions and data encryption.

“There was a security breach involving some internal company data. According to our initial analysis, it notably affected source code related to certain functions of our Galaxy devices, but does not include personal data of our employees or our users,” the company said. SamMobile. If the Android OS is open source, each manufacturer adds a layer with in-house features, which is jealously kept secret.

Lapsus$ is a relatively recent group of hackers, author of several ransomware attacks (ransomware) since the beginning of the year. The collective had tried to blackmail Nvidia, demanding that the company lift restrictions on some of its processors that limit cryptocurrency mining.

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