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2023-07-30 12:42:26

Galaxy Studios, 6 opened… Operates until August 20th

Galaxy Studio ‘The Hyundai Seoul’

Samsung Electronics has started marketing the ‘Galaxy Z Flip 5 · Fold 5’. Experience centers opened across the country.

Samsung Electronics announced on the 30th that it opened six ‘Galaxy Studios’.

▲Seongsu-dong, Seoul ▲Samsung Gangnam ▲Samsung Store Hongdae Store ▲Lotte Hi-Mart World Tower Store ▲The Hyundai Seoul ▲Busan Gwangalli. Open until August 20th (The Hyundai Seoul until August 19th).

Here, you can experience ▲Z Flip 5 ▲Z Fold 5 ▲Galaxy Tab S9 series ▲Galaxy Watch 6 series.

Samsung Electronics made the Galaxy Studio with the concept of a ‘market’. On the 26th, it was named ‘Flip Side Market’ by combining it with ‘Flip Side’, the theme of ‘Galaxy Unpacked’. It allows people to feel the value of a foldable (foldable) phone in a lifestyle. It is a structure to rent a Z Flip 5 and a Z Fold 5 to look around the market.

Roh Tae-moon, president of Samsung Electronics’ Mobile Experience (MX) division, said, “I am very pleased that domestic consumers can experience all the innovations realized by the Galaxy ecosystem in an immersive environment.”

On the other hand, each studio added regional characteristics. Galaxy Studio in Seongsu, Seoul, collaborated with cafes and installed them in a distributed manner. The Hyundai Seoul is a structure that goes back and forth between the beach and the forest. Galaxy Studio in Gwangalli, Busan is carrying out activities to support the attraction of the ‘2030 Busan World Expo’.

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