[SC초점]’Han Hye-jin → Fin.K.L. Lee Min-jeong → Shop’, actresses who almost debuted in girl groups ‘hot topic’

2024-02-03 02:13:48

Sports Chosun = Reporter Lee Jeong-hyuk

Photo source = Han Hye-jin, Lee Min-jeong’s personal account

[스포츠조선 이정혁 기자]The story of how Han Hye-jin passed the position for Lee Hyo-ri and almost debuted as a member of Fin.K.L. was revealed. Actress Lee Min-jung, the wife of actor Lee Byung-hun, almost joined a girl group through a shop.

In the cable channel KBS Joy’s entertainment program ’20th Century Hit Song’ that aired on the afternoon of the 2nd, Ji Ye-eun asked, “They say there is a big star who almost became a celebrity. Does anyone know who that is?” to which Kim Hee-chul responded, “It’s actress Lee Min-jung. “Everything,” he answered.

Kim Hee-chul said, “Lee Min-jung even auditioned for the shop through her close friend at the time, Seo Ji-young, but she refused, saying she didn’t think she could do it yet.” Kim Hee-chul said, “Many people only know the shop as a four-member group, but in reality, it was originally two men and three women.” informed.

Lee Dong-geun continued, “Shop recruited new rappers Chris and Sori for their 2nd album, and while working as a 5-member group, they succeeded with ‘Tell me Tell me’. The female member who was active at this time, Sori, also had a short-lived career. “I withdrew,” he added.

And while talking about Fin.K.L., Kim Hee-chul announced, “Fin.K.L. had actually finished recording their debut album as a three-member group.”

The members also continued to change, with the first three formed being Kim Jun-hee, Annie, and Ok Joo-hyun. Afterwards, Kim Jun-hee left and Lee Jin and Sung Yu-ri joined, and finally, Annie, who had different group tendencies, left Fin.K.L. and formed Tashani with Yoon Mi-rae.

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In response, Lee Dong-geun said, “But there is another person who originally almost debuted as Fin. “They say it was disappointing,” he said.

Meanwhile, KBS Joy’s entertainment program ’20th Century Hit Song’ is a new concept newtro music chart show that quenches the public’s thirst for newtro songs by summoning and reinterpreting KBS’ old K-pop programs that contain the history of Korean music. Reporter Jeonghyeok Lee jjangga@ sportschosun.com

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