Sebastián Caicedo: Career, Relationship, and Personal Journey in the Spotlight

2023-11-15 14:19:49

Sebastián Caicedo is a renowned Bogotá actor, featured in productions such as El Señor de los Cielos, Los Canarios and Sin senos no hay cielo. A year ago he confirmed his separation from Carmen Villalobos, with whom he had a relationship for more than 10 years, but who, for reasons that are still unknown, ended.

However, in July 2022 it was she who confirmed their breakup after several months of speculation about a possible crisis in their relationship, warning that she would not give any more statements or details regarding her decision out of respect for the two of them and the memories they had in common. for the 13 years they shared together. “(After) talking about it, understanding it and meditating on it a lot, we understood that it is time to take different paths. I imagine that for some it will be a surprise, maybe for others not so much,” she commented at the time.

With his breakup, the actor confessed that he began to face a severe depression in which negative thoughts came to his mind, since he felt alone thinking about being surrounded by many people. “Nothing filled those gaps. The only thing that filled it was when I got closer to God,” he stated. Because of this, he assured that he is celibate with his current partner, businesswoman Juliana Diez.

In the midst of this process, Sebastián shook the hearts of his admirers on November 2, after confirming with a short, but emotional message, the death of his father, who suffered from a delicate respiratory illness.

“At home daddy,” was the heartfelt message that Sebastián shared on his Instagram stories along with a photo in which the two appeared, one in front of the other, sharing a moment of laughter. In addition, the image was accompanied by a Christian song called ‘Vuelto a casa’.

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Because of this, the actor welcomed him at the age of 43 on November 12 with some moving words inspired by his father, remembering why his closeness to God has been so important for his growth and change of perspective on life.

“I met God in my desert and in my brokenness, when my heart hurt, when fear and uncertainty took over me, when I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore. That’s when I really met him and my life changed. Thank you, dad, because it is worth dying a little more every day to be reborn in you,” Sebastián Caicedo wrote in the description of his publication.

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