Sebastián Caicedo: Controversial Separation, New Love, and Spiritual Transformation

2023-07-07 23:42:27

Sebastián Caicedo is well known as one of the most recognized actors in Colombia, in addition to maintaining a long relationship of several years with Carmen Villalobos, with whom, in fact, he married her. However, his name became a trend due to the controversial separation between the two celebrities.

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Now that each one has their separate relationship, Sebastián Caicedo has generated a lot of intrigue about his courtship with Juliana Diez, since they haven’t been around for long and it seems that things are so serious that they have taken their relationship to another level.

On social networks, the two decided to share a tender video of their future projects and have even revealed details of their relationship over the months, how they met and even how their relationship began.

But it seems that the two celebrities decided to make the followers part of something as special as a conference where Sebastián will be the main guest to talk about his process and his transformation in the hands of God and in the church where he attends, where precisely He met Juliana.

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The actor of soap operas like “Las Malcriadas” appeared inviting his followers to the conference and will probably reveal details of how Juliana helped him through a bad time, since it was not easy to constantly appear on the news, especially when talking about life private.

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What the couple highlights is happiness and a lot of stability in their relationship and it is probably also for years.

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