Sebastián Caicedo’s Revealing Interview: Love, Divorce, and Finding God in Relationships

2023-09-08 17:11:49

Sebastián Caicedo is one of the most recognized actors in the entertainment sphere in Colombia, since from a very young age he became part of productions such as ‘Los Reyes’, ‘El Señor de los Cielos’, ‘Without breasts there is no paradise’. In addition, his famous relationship with the actress Carmen Villalobos with whom after 13 years of union they confirmed his divorce. Although the reasons were never confessed despite the series of rumors, they did not wait long, but the man from Cali recently revealed for the first time and in the company of his current partner that he failed in his relationship with Villalobos.

The man from Cali was the special guest on the RCN Channel program, ‘Buen día, Colombia’, of course, he was accompanied by his partner Juliana Diez. Without a doubt, one of the first questions was about the hard process that he experienced after separating from him and, incidentally, thanking him for being part of the production, since he had chosen not to give interviews.

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Caicedo reiterated: “prudence is important,” since their breakup for several months generated all kinds of situations. Next, and in a very calm manner, he referred to his breakup due to Vienna Ruiz’s direct question: “I am going to say something that I have never said on television or on my social networks, God put it in my heart at this moment and I want to say it.” ”.

The famous actor made it clear that at no time did he mean that his previous relationship, that is, with Carmen Villalobos, was bad: “It was a beautiful relationship, a wonderful woman, a woman who deserves all the best in the world.” However, he highlighted that what was missing from their relationship was God, because according to him, it was precisely God who should have been in the middle of their relationship.

Likewise, Sebastián indicated: “No matter how much we went to mass, no matter how much we got along, when we had our differences it was to look not in God, but in that three-fold cord, but to look towards friends towards other people, that ball of snow that is small, grows and grows and gets out of hand.”

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But, after seeing in perspective precisely, there, where he asked himself what had happened: “Right now what I want is to walk with God and have a beautiful relationship.” Furthermore, the businessman confessed that it was not easy at all, not only his breakup but also the series of comments that filled his social networks, since they even classified him as gay and unfaithful, making it clear that he has nothing against those who have a different sexual orientation. .

However, that was not the reason for their breakup nor was it a third person but a problem exactly between the two of them, which turned out to be irremediable with the passage of time. For her part, Juliana listened carefully to her partner, making it clear that she supported him and she was the one who knew her entire process and understood each of her situations.

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