“Secret Envision” is the first series in “Marvel” to enter the world of espionage panorama

2023-07-01 13:58:57

Ammon – The works of the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”, according to many opinions, may have become sweeping in their progress in one pattern, to some extent, in light of the endless flow of action films and series.

But that stereotype is no longer confirmed and true, for the most part, with the emergence of works that are not limited to traditional superhero stories.

The mysterious “Wanda Vision” was a comedy series. The series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” dealt with the issue of racism. And now the series “Secret Envision”, which began airing last June 21, on the Disney Plus platform for the first time, enters the world of espionage.

Samuel L. Jackson returns as Nick Fury, now at the center of the action, and given the chance to give his character, who has appeared in a cameo role in a number of Marvel films, more depth and backstory.

“This is an opportunity we have been waiting for,” Jackson, 74, said in an interview with the German News Agency (dpa) in London, explaining that he was keen to explore what he calls a “change” when the evil Thanos swept away countless people. before being returned later.

The man with a reputation for wearing a blindfold, who at one point enlisted the efforts of Iron Man and Captain America for the powerful SHIELD organization, is known as a hardliner. But in the series “Secret Vision” Fury appears exhausted and full of doubts in light of the difficult challenge he faces.

“Scrolls” – aliens that can reincarnate in the form of any human and even occupy his memory, are trying to take over the Earth. And these creatures are already able to infiltrate important positions. Aliens seek to cause wars between nations, and then rule the Earth in chaos.

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The origins of this story go back to the movie “Captain Marvel” in 2019, as the event takes place 30 years ago.


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