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2023-08-18 16:27:22

HAYLOU PurFree Lite is coming! With the launch scheduled for next Monday, August 21st, Haylou has now sent us first hand some details about its new headphone, now with superior sound quality and an even more interesting value. It is worth remembering that he is the successor of PurFree BC01the company’s first bone conduction headset that we even tested here at Oficina da Net.

What does Haylou PurFree Lite offer?

The PurFree Lite (or model BC04) is a bone conduction earphone

The main positive point of the PurFree Lite is that it is a headset designed to stay outside your ear, allowing you to prolong the health of your eardrums and still get a safer user experience, since you can hear your music and podcasts and still remain alert, as you are not isolated from ambient sound.

Cores do Haylou PurFree Lite

Regarding sound quality, it will have a 16mm dynamic driver which provides balanced highs, mids and lows, with a good level of clarity and sensitivity. The company has also confirmed to us the presence of elastic titanium materials in its construction, from its earloop design to its posterior fitting. This allows it to be flexible, adaptable and yet stable as it minimizes pressure points and discomfort.

Launch and availability

PurFree Lite launch discount

The Haylou PurFree Lite arrives on August 21st and the company revealed to us that it will have a special launch price. During the first half hour from 4 am (Brasília time) from Monday (21), Haylou’s new headphones will be available on AliExpress and Haylou’s official website for only $34.91. If by chance you cannot guarantee yours at the first moment, you will have a second chance, until the 27that the minimum discounted price of US$ 36.99.

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Purchase links are available below:

More details on PurFree Lite should arrive on launch day. Stay tuned here at Oficina da Net.

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