Senator Ciro Ramírez Corruption Network Investigation: Latest Updates and News

2023-12-18 03:10:22

Ciro Ramirez

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The senator of the Democratic Center, Ciro Alejandro Ramírez Cortés, remains imprisoned by order of the Supreme Court of Justice since last Thursday, December 14, for, allegedly, having participated in a corruption network in contracting from Congress. This newspaper learned of the investigation carried out by the High Court’s Investigative Chamber once morest the Uribe senator within what appears to be a network of corruption in state contracting, similar to the one that also led to the late Mario Castaño in prison.

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Within the Court documents, it stands out that Senator Ramírez, just as the late Castaño did, made large contracts between the Department of Social Prosperity (DPS) and the company Proyecta. Likewise, the high court makes it clear that the agreement for which Ramírez is behind bars today is 670 of 2021, signed between the DPS and Proyecta during the week of November 8 to 12 of that year, for a total value of $48,660 ′119.107. However, from that agreement others were derived for which, according to the high court, the senator from the Democratic Center would have requested bribes of 10%.

According to the Court documents known to this newspaper, following that agreement was signed, on December 20 of that same year, Senator Ciro Ramírez met with Pablo César Herrera Correa, then director of Proyecta, and Pierre Eugenio García Jacquier, former deputy director of the DPS. At that meeting, apparently, the three agreed on how they would address “through private invitations” at least 13 of the contracts included in agreement 670.

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For example, within what was compiled by the Supreme Court it is noted that “various audit and work contracts known as Saldaña and Quindío would have corresponded to the group coordinated by Raúl Alfonso Cardozo Ordóñez—former mayor of Piedecuesta (Santander)—who appointed, in turn, to the contractors of those works.” Likewise, the Investigative Chamber found that the network in which Senator Ramírez participated would have directed the contracts for the execution of works of “Mariquita, Purificación, Villarrica and Melgar, as well as the audits of Mariquita, Melgar, Purificación, Villarrica and known as Tolima Various, would have been directed to favor companies” represented by the contractor Anderson González González.

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Among the purposes that the routing of the contracts apparently had, among its evidence, the Investigative Chamber of the Supreme Court found that it was to strengthen the political project of Ciro Ramírez “in Quindío, Caldas, Santander and Tolima; This, in conjunction with the payment of gifts that would amount to $1,000’000,000″. This, according to the high court document, would have been planned between the senator of the Democratic Center and Pierre Eugenio García Jacquier.

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In one of the inspections carried out at Proyecta, copies of the contracts entered into within the framework of 670 of 2021 were collected, along with the respective accountability reports to the DPS. The high court highlights that within the material found, the most relevant to the case of the Uribe senator are “contracts 4 for work and 16 for consulting from Saldaña, Tolima, 12 for work and 17 for consulting from Quindío Various; consulting contract 22 of Tolima Various; the Villarrica, Tolima consulting contract; work contract 13 and 39 for consulting in Purificación, Tolima; work contract 11 and the audit contract in Mariquita, Tolima; and, finally, consulting contract 24 in Melgar”, from which he would also have taken a cut.

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