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Lin Zhao Xi A young girl who just graduated from a famous university. She lives with her father who is an accountant in a small school called Lin Zhao Sheng Her father was a math genius, but because she had to raise her daughter alone, she had to abandon her dream of studying mathematics. Lin Zhao Xi She learned that her father was actually suffering from dementia. This fact greatly affected her mental state. While her father was in the hospital, Lin Zhao Xi returned to her home to prepare supplies. But when she reached the front of the house, she met Ji Jiang A famous young actor and her childhood friend. What’s more, she found a group photo of her, Jijiang, Peixu, and her math camp friends together after she and her friends won gold medals at the Mathematics Olympiad in childhood. This picture looks like a general picture, but…This event never actually happened!!

Because in fact, Lin Zhao Xi never even entered the math camp quota exam. She remembered this incident very well because the loss of this quota had disappointed her father and had always left a scar in her heart. So why did she have a photo with her friends while winning the Olympic gold medal? It is also a group photo when graduating from this camp as well. Ji Jiang and Lin Zhao Xi They were shocked when they saw the picture. She lost control and ran into a lighthouse with Ji Jiang. Only in the blink of an eye!! She also appeared in the form of a young girl Lin Zhaoxi. Starting to understand, she found that Ji Jiang He had become a child as well. The two believed that they had traveled to a parallel world with similar people. same place But the details are completely different. It’s like two worlds, two cakes with different flavors.”Strawberry Cake and Cheesecake.”

Although the ingredients for the two cakes are similar, the steps and decorations are very different. The two do whatever it takes to get back to the world they came from. and it is enough to understand that what led them toCheesecake WorldThis is a picture of this puzzle. The two decided to play according to the script to make the events in the picture come true. and finally they returned toStrawberry Cake WorldAgain, when making a real timeline in the cheese world. After going through this life and death event Lin Zhao Xi returned to meet Pee Zhi Again, the only first love she’d been looking for for 4 years, and she also knew the reason why he had to leave her. And when Pei Zhi learns the secrets of the cheese world, he wants to travel to that world to meet his father who has passed away for many years. Until finally he and she have crossed over to the world of cheesecake again!!

Strawberry Cake World = Real World

Cheesecake world = parallel world Zhang Xincheng, Zhang Zifeng, actress from the series  Love through time The Heart of Genius

Review episodes 1-18

This is a very difficult story to write. The complexity lies in the timeline and switching worlds. Plus there are quite a lot of clues in the story. The main characters and many of the supporting characters that have featured scenes have all the clues. As for the dialogue, anyone who doesn’t have a mathematical background might be confused. And of course, an artistic boy like Jay can only look into his eyes and don’t understand the formula for calculations with him. And the point that makes me feel wow in the dialogue is that it’s very direct and not indirect. Exactly like torn from other stories. Love, say love, like to say like. Don’t be discouraged because every character has a straight-talking character, some of them are so direct that it’s annoying. The first hero from episodes 1-11, very few chapters appear in a few scenes that can count the fingers. Anyone who wishes to come and see the prestige ofBrother Zhang XinchengI sniffed the inhaler hard and stayed strong. Because this first part, the main events, the story takes place in the cheese world. The cheese world is a timeline that shrinks the age of the characters. The character’s age is therefore less in the Strawberry World.
Review of the series: The Heart of Genius

Therefore, from episodes 1-10 will be the stage of young actors. And each child actor played very well. So much like giving a sash Show natural, not stiff, not dull. And continue the dialogue in a precise manner, the emotional scene does not come off. As for the senior version, Jay doesn’t like the distribution of scripts like this the most. It’s not a vignette distribution. but will spread the emotional chapter in a way that can be forgotten got after forgetting If you crush somewhere, you stay there for a long time to realize that you forgot which character. It’s been a long time. In fact, to tell a parallel world like this if the director chooses to tell two timelines in tandem. Is to tell the events of the two worlds intersect each other, Jay will feel better. It’s not going to tell the events in the cheese world. Let’s tell 10 episodes. The older actors who played the heroine disappeared for ten episodes. It’s not balanced.

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on father’s part Lei Jia Yin This person is skilled at the level of Phra Kan. He plays very well. Jay In and his father in every scene, if he’s coming to play, he’s cracking his lungs. When it comes to emotional scenes, they play and wipe away their tears. And most of all, the Cass team did a very good job. Cass the father and son duo. (Lao Lin Lei Jia Yin & Xiao Lin Zhang Zifeng) Coming to the same face If someone said that the two actors were really father and son, Jay would believe it.

Child actors include

• Wang Shengdi as Lin Zhaoxi >> Weibo: Wang Shengdi – Doll Angela

• Lin Zi Ye as Pee Zhi >> Weibo: Fu Bohan makes trouble

• Fu Bohan as Ji Jiang/Dangaimin/Huajuan >> Weibo: Lin Ziye-Lester

Series Synopsis  Love through time The Heart of Genius

production side The team chose the location very well. The tone control had a familiar aura for Jay, not knowing if it was because of the location or Mr. Zhang Xincheng. that makes me feel that the light has faded image tone control It has an aura similar to the story. Go Ahead In many parts, there is the warmth of a normal Chinese family, the most real life in terms of life and family background. (Not counting the sci-fi cross-dimensional story) and the gimmicks of almost every Chinese family series. They are “pretentious bastards” or those who take advantage of selling expensive textbooks and tutoring books to parents of students who believe they will help their children learn better. Did anyone else notice? For Jay I see it a lot, it’s not that it’s bad, it’s like a landmark. It means uh… here they are, welcome to family series straight from China. And the last thing that I would like to mention is a very nice soundtrack. Take Me Back sung by Sunny Sunnee The sound is as smooth as the nectar of heavenly water. Let’s try to listen to it.Timeless Love Formula: The Heart of Genius starring Zhang Xincheng, Zhang Zhifeng, Lei Jia Yin

The review is the author’s personal opinion only. Will this series come out well, look happy or not? Everyone’s personal test again, so don’t stop just reading reviews to experience the story. Love through time The Heart of Genius This is the eye at TV and iQIYIFinally, I wish you all to experience happiness.and thanking all the mothers for coming to visit Chao Jay And if Jay uses any words that make moms satisfied, it’s good that they’re not satisfied with the taste of the review. I apologize and please follow new content atFB: Xiao Jay, every moment is addicted to the series.

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Series Review: The Heart of Genius

Review of the series: The Heart of Genius

Zhang Xincheng, the protagonist of the series The Heart of Genius

series actor  time love formula  Children & Teenagers

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