The Electoral Service (Servel) revealed on its web site the facsimiles of the electoral playing cards for the Major elections subsequent Sunday, June 9.

It’s price remembering that there can be several types of electoral playing cards all through the nation. Within the case of the primaries for regional governors, which can be held within the areas of Coquimbo and Aysén, there can be just one poll for every area, wherein independents and associates of the Chile Vamos pact can vote. Within the primaries for mayors, which can be held in sixty communes all through the nation, the electoral playing cards could also be: one, when just one pact holds primaries, wherein independents and people affiliated with events of that pact will vote. That is the case of the Ñuble area, the place the opposition conglomerate Chile Vamos will maintain primaries in Coihueco and Portezuelo; or three, when two pacts maintain primaries in that commune. One card can be for these affiliated with the events of 1 pact, one other for these affiliated with the events of the opposite pact, and a 3rd, additionally referred to as a single card, can be for the independents.

These elections are voluntary for voters, and those that belong to a political occasion that didn’t agree, or those that have electoral domicile in locations the place primaries are usually not held, won’t be able to vote.

The completely different facsimiles of electoral playing cards may be reviewed at , in addition to details about the candidates in these primaries.

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For the elections, the polling stations can be merged and there can be fewer voting areas, which is able to generate adjustments within the task of tables and areas. For that reason, it’s vital for the voters of Coihueco and Portezuelo to assessment their information at, or by calling 600 6000 166. Those that had been designated as members should fulfill this perform.