Sex Scandal Rocks Lantin Prison: Municipal Councilor Speaks Out

2023-11-17 05:44:00

At the beginning of this week, the sex scandal broke out and shook the walls of Lantin prison.

Our colleagues from Sudinfo wrote that around ten prison officers, including three women, engaged in sexual games during their hours of duty, within the prison block. Other sex parties were organized but outside hours and outside the prison. A scandal then relayed by numerous media, including international ones.

“My life is destroyed”: the municipal councilor at the heart of the sex scandal in Lantin reacts!

Two people in particular were thus mentioned. The neighborhood manager, who would have made his office available for these sex parties. But above all, a babysitter, named “S.” also municipal councilor DéFI in Ans.

She allegedly “borrowed” her boss’s office frequently to engage in sexual activities. “She’s a nymphomaniac,” an anonymous source declared to our colleagues. “At 6 a.m., she announced that she mightn’t work until she had sex.” According to reports, it is possible that  she even ordered various items from to enhance her escapades.

Until now, S. had never reacted in the media. She does it today, exclusively for the DH. “I feel a profound injustice, I am deeply shocked. My life is destroyed, the consequences are absolutely colossal, I have been tainted for life.”

She adds: “I am shocked by these slanderous denunciations and the proportions that it takes. The image that this sends to my loved ones, to my future employers and colleagues, in fact to anyone who takes the time to find out regarding me . I have never done anything of what I am accused of, so I do not know why. Furthermore, I would add that I have never witnessed these alleged sexual actions in this department.”

“She never had sex at her workplace”

S.’s lawyer is the well-known criminal lawyer Michel Degrève. “My client formally contests all of the accusations made once morest her,” he confirms. “She never had sex at her workplace. She never participated in orgy parties outside. She never participated in sex games at her workplace or anywhere else. The facts are entirely false and the words and actions attributed to my client cause extremely serious and irreversible damage to her reputation. These accusations constitute unprecedented violence once morest my client. We plan to refer the matter to the competent authorities.”

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Since October 30, S. has been moved to the women’s section of the prison, “as a preventive measure, to bring peace to the service”, commented the Prison Administration. “But not at all to ‘calm your sexual urges’,” emphasizes Michel Degrève. “Madame S. assures that she was indeed assigned to this sector but for reasons totally unrelated to what she is accused of in this context.”

At the Prison Administration, we are confirmed that an internal investigation is underway, without targeting any person(s) in particular…

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