“Shadow Cantata” players were defeated and their opponents folded their cards, and they were disqualified due to no replacement card sleeves. Both swallowed | 4Gamers

The collectible card game “Shadowverse” produced by Cygames has been played by many players in Japan since its launch in 2016, both online and offline. The players both swallowed and caused heated discussions.

It happened in July Shadowverse Evolve In the offline game of the store, かもかも located in the Kanto area posted a photo of the “Azazel” card being damaged on Twitter on the 29th of last month, and said that when he won the game 3-0, the card The card is damaged by the opponent’s momentary anger.

Since かもかも did not have a replacement card sleeve to continue to participate in the competition, it was finally disqualified and both swallowed.

However, the proponent said that there was not much emotional reaction at the moment, but he did not expect the other party to be so angry, and the damaged cards were not expensive, so they would not feel distressed, but such incidents were still reported to the store. Although it may not be possible to restore the qualification for the competition, this incident has also attracted the attention of players in the card community, and it has also become a matter that requires special attention to prevent offline competitions in the future.

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