Shiga Lakes B-League Violations: Disciplinary Actions, Compliance Training, and Preventive Initiatives

2023-12-18 06:04:32

Thank you for supporting Shiga Lakes.

As announced by the Japan Professional Basketball League (B League), we would like to inform you that the following penalties have been decided for violations of the rules and regulations.

This matter is a disciplinary action from the B League regarding the proposal below that was announced on November 14th.
>>About compliance violations at our company and punishment of related parties

In light of this incident, the club plans to implement initiatives to prevent recurrence, including company-wide compliance training and reviewing work flows.

We deeply regret that we have betrayed the expectations of our fans, boosters, partners, and stakeholders, who have always given us their enthusiastic support, and we will work to restore trust in the future.

Disposal summary

[Target]Shiga Lakes (Shiga Lakestars Co., Ltd.)

[Violation details]
(Fact 1) In a contract with one rookie player that occurred before March 2023, a professional player contract was concluded with an amount exceeding the annual salary limit of 4.6 million yen for a rookie player for a specific season. did.

(Founded fact 2) Supervisory responsibility for the following facts:

Fact 1: The assistant general manager (hereinafter referred to as “AGM”) who was with the team at the time compared the annual salary amount stated in the contract related to the professional player contract of certified fact 1, which was stamped by both Shiga Lakes and the player, to the annual salary of the new player. The fact that the amount was falsified to be the upper limit of 4.6 million yen
Fact 2: The fact that AGM submitted the falsified contract mentioned in 1 above to the B League as genuine.

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*The terms and conditions at the time of the act will apply.

[Details of punishment]Reprimand and fine of 1.5 million yen

>>Click here for B.LEAGUE announcement

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