Shocking Allegations: Female Teacher Accused of Inappropriate Conduct with Students

2023-12-13 09:31:00

A female teacher was caught “physically tutoring” underage students, and her prison photos were exposed and shocked the world! (Reproduced from “Daily Star”)

Kristen Jade Ford, a 30-year-old female substitute teacher in Alabama, USA, was arrested on the 7th of this month after being accused of having sexual relations with a minor under the age of 19. However, the police released Ford’s prisoner photo. Later, many netizens were shocked and triggered discussions.

According to the British “Daily Star” report, Ford was accused of using “corporeal teaching” to have sexual relations with underage students under the age of 19. She was formally arrested on the 7th of this month. The police also immediately released Fud’s prisoner photo, but what is interesting is that Fud showed a “beautiful and happy” smile when facing the camera while wearing a prison uniform, which surprised many people and netizens, and some netizens were puzzled. : “Why can she smile so happily?”, “Why can you find such a person?”

Ford was smiling happily while taking photos of prisoners, which puzzled many netizens. (Reproduced from “Daily Star”)

Sheriff Nick Welden of DeKalb County, who is responsible for the case, said that they immediately launched an investigation after receiving the report a few days ago, and it is not easy to handle children and juvenile cases, so the police Thanks also to everyone for their help. The report also pointed out that Ford was employed by the Deskalps County Government, but where did she perform her teaching work? How long is the teaching time? Details have not been released yet.

Photos of Ford’s life. (Reproduced from “Daily Star”)

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