Shocking Incident of Domestic Violence: Bloody Crime at Foire du Midi

2023-08-21 15:57:38

First of all, a man, who was only wearing bloody underpants and a t-shirt, landed on the fairgrounds this Sunday afternoon, around 5:45 p.m. or rather a jump of three floors. Then, while intervening in the apartment of the building on the Boulevard du Midi where this injured person came from, the police discovered an unconscious woman who had been stabbed several times and whose state of the face testified to the outburst of violence that she had just suffered. This was the result of a case of domestic violence.

The man in question – Sudinfo The man in question – Sudinfo The traces of the bloodbath – Sudinfo The traces of the bloodbath – Sudinfo The traces of the bloodbath – Sudinfo The door of the first floor apartment floor smashed by the police by mistake – Sudinfo

On the spot, this Monday, the traces of the bloodbath were still clearly visible. The walls of the hallway (of the commons) were stained with blood on the ground floor and there were spatters of blood in the stairwell up to the third floor (see photos). “This is an ultra-violent argument between a Russian couple. The man, who has lived in Belgium for twenty years, is the owner of the building, he lives in the third floor apartment with his mother, his partner and a little boy. He attempted suicide because he believed he had killed his wife,” a partial witness told us on condition of anonymity.

“Attempted Murder”

“The 42-year-old man had superficial injuries to his hands and stomach and appeared to be under the influence of drugs. He was transferred to the hospital for treatment. At present, he is still in the hospital. The woman, also 42, was seriously injured. She would be the companion of the man found earlier in the crowd at the fair. The woman received several stab wounds and was taken to hospital in critical condition. At present, his life is still in danger, but his condition is stable, ”said the Brussels public prosecutor’s office on Monday.

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And to add: “A perimeter of judicial exclusion was installed for some time, the scientific laboratory of the federal police went on site to make the necessary findings. A medical examiner has also been appointed. The man was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in the context of domestic violence. An investigating judge was requested by the Brussels public prosecutor’s office. The investigating judge will decide if the man will be placed under arrest warrant. The investigation is in progress and should reveal the exact circumstances of the facts.

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