Six mistakes to avoid when renovating

Are you considering renovations to make your property more attractive, safer or increase its value?

Make sure you make it a satisfying adventure by preventing nightmares with these common but preventable mistakes!

1. A “cheap” vision

An unrealistic budget, buying cheap or discounted materials becomes a mistake when it is accompanied by lower quality. For some items, it is crucial to bet on quality. For example, a new window will have an impact on your heating bill for about 20 years. Know where the real economy is!

2. Neglecting preparation

Not doing the prep work or neglecting the design of the plans and the planning of the stages can lengthen the time that the renovations will last. Do your homework! Plan the stages and pace of renovations to avoid getting bogged down. Consulting a professional to finalize plans can save you from having to go back to work. Make sure materials are delivered before the work team arrives. The coordination of the steps allows for greater efficiency.

3. Go “roughly”

Taking the wrong measurements with a half-inch margin of error can change a lot of things! When it’s time to start a job step, but the space isn’t cleared, cleared, or the previous step isn’t completed, it can also hinder the progress of the job. Having the wrong tools can open the door to injury or other wasted time and additional costs.

4. Poor management of space and image

Objects that are too big for the size of a room, corridors, stairs and doors that are too small and narrow, poor lighting, choices according to a passing fashion, or even several different styles under the same roof are all elements that make make your home seem less welcoming or functional. Make sure you wow with thoughtful choices.

5. Not understanding what’s going on

Even if you delegate your renovations to a professional, you have to be able to understand what is going on to make wise choices. Hiring the wrong contractor or overdoing the renovations are mistakes that can be avoided by being properly informed.

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6. Loss and theft

Store your materials and tools in a dry place out of sight. Prevent material loss and theft of expensive tools: all of this slows down jobs with a double bill to pay.


Prioritize energy-efficient materials: they are excellent investments and not just an expense! In the long term, you will save money and your choices will increase the value of your property.

Aim for safety and compliance: obtain the required building permits, hire professionals in compliance with the building code. Your insurer could refuse to cover the house or an accident in the event of badly carried out work.

Avoid overdoing it: have the estimated value that your property will take with the planned works assessed before undertaking them to avoid expenses whose value will not be recovered.

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