Six months required against Mallory Gabsi, semi-finalist of season 11 of “Top Chef”, for a fight during a lockdown party in 2020 in Rhode-Saint-Genèse

In September 2020, Mallory Gabsi, the young semi-finalist for season 11 of the cooking show “Top Chef”, went to a party given in full confinement in Rhode-Saint-Genèse. After noticing the disappearance of a bag containing his personal belongings, the young man left furiously that evening before returning accompanied by several people.

The argument broke out

“He spoke to two people who were waiting for a car,” explains the prosecution. “An argument then broke out and the two people were beaten. One of them was reportedly knocked unconscious and had a fractured jaw. »

Several people witnessed the scene and it is established, according to the prosecution, that the young chief took part in the fight and struck blows. A version of the facts, however, strongly contested by the defense of the person concerned. “He was indeed present at this party, which was a mistake, and he left”, specifies the defense of the young man. “He came back to get his bag and the organizer of this party is formal: my client was with her, in the house, when the fight broke out outside. He therefore did not take part and the victims named him because he is known. I also note that the victims do not provide any document to justify their claim for damages. »

Judgment is scheduled for November 2.


During his appearance on the Top Chef cooking show in 2020, the Brussels resident, born in the municipality of Ixelles, made an impression. He is indeed the second youngest candidate in history to reach the semi-final stage. Moreover, Mallory has proven to be one of the best Belgian candidates on the show!

After his stint in Top Chef, he became co-host in other television programs, such as “À la sauce belge” or “Cauchemar en cuisine”.

Barely a few weeks after the broadcast of Top Chef, “Malou” teamed up with another candidate, Adrien, to develop one of their concepts seen on screen in the restaurant war: their “140 ºC Street” chip shop. . If they started with an ephemeral restaurant in Paris, the Belgian capital, well known to Mallory, saw the birth of a second establishment with the same concept within the Wolf. A concept that has met with real success!

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