Small cappuccino confirms that a stampede occurred and customers ran over to each other in front of the cafe entrance, and 12 police patrols entered • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The famous Saad Al-Enezi Snapchat “Small Cappuccino” responded to the videos and news circulated on social media, regarding the existence of “speculation” and a stampede between customers and the employees of the new cafe he opened in Riyadh.

“Small Cappuccino” said in a video he shared on “Tik Tok”, that what was circulated about the existence of “speculation” or “hawsha” is incorrect, explaining: The number yesterday was above normal.

He pointed out that as a result of the presence of this number of customers, there was a large crowd, crowds and stampedes, saying: “There are people who have been overthrown, and there are people who have trampled.”

He stated that the security tried to control this stampede, some people refused to enter the cafe, and a collision occurred and the beginning of a stampede, but there was no problem or speculation.

He indicated that when the security in the café was unable to control the situation, they resorted to the police request, who immediately responded to the call, and more than 9 to 12 patrols came and closed the entire complex for the sake of people’s safety.

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