small hydropower plants are in no hurry to use 2 million euros

Last summer, researchers from the scientific and environmental institute BIOR identified the most significant obstacles on Latvian rivers.

The researchers compiled a list of the top 70 barriers, including facilities that provide little or no benefit to society. At the same time, by eliminating them, fish migration could be of great benefit.

A representative of the Rural Support Service (RSS) explains that two million euros were allocated for the project from European Union funds. As part of the project, you can apply not only for the demolition of barriers, but also for the construction of fish passage structures. Applications close on May 14th; unfortunately, the number of applicants is very small.

“If I said that this interest is very high, I would be lying. We haven’t received many calls about this program,” says Rinald Watzers, director of the Department of Fisheries and State Support for the SPS.

Representative of the Kuldiga region Gita Rubezhniece-Zute explains that it was planned to rebuild a channel on the Riežupe River that was interfering with fish. However, this idea practically failed, since the deadline for submitting an application was only one month, and for the preparation of such a project this is a very short period of time: “According to the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers, it is also necessary to add a “BIOR” conclusion on the compliance of the planned work. Of course, it’s very difficult to do all this in a month.”

Residents of Kuldiga hope to receive funding and begin construction of a new bridge across the Riežupe that is safe for fish and people next summer.

Small hydroelectric power stations are also included in the list of obstacles that interfere with fish.

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A representative of the Association of Small Hydroelectric Power Plants also noted the short deadlines for submitting an application for the project. The owners of the hydroelectric power station were unable to apply for the construction of bypass routes for fish, and demolition of the hydroelectric power station can only be considered if compensation is paid.

“If that owner is currently earning an income and can feed his family with one small power plant. Funding for such a program is intended to cover demolition costs only. It’s the same as buying yourself a rope to hang yourself,” says deputy chairman of the association’s board Kaspars Gailitis.

The Village Support Service explains that if two million are not spent on demolishing the barriers, the competition will most likely be re-announced. It is hoped that the next attempt to free the rivers will be more successful.

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