SMIC rumored that the 12-inch fab CIM localization plan calls for the dissolution of the 100-person team | Anue Juheng – Hong Kong Stock

According to people familiar with the matter, SMIC (688981-CN) of the Beijing 12-inch wafer fab CIM localization project, recently forced to call card, because the project technology contractor could not complete the localization requirements of semiconductor CIM software.

Sina Technology reported that the source said that the team of hundreds of people who are currently responsible for the project has all evacuated from SMIC’s Beijing office and returned to the original workplace, and many high-level R&D personnel have begun to look for new jobs. The matter has gradually spread in the CIM industrial software circle. SMIC’s stock price fell 2.01% in intraday trading on Monday (8th).

The contractor for SMIC’s localization of CIM software in Beijing is Shangyang Software (Shanghai) Company, which needs to provide CIM systems for 12-inch wafer production lines.

Rising software has been completed last yearRMBHundreds of millions of yuan in C1 and C2 rounds of financing. Investment institutions include the second phase of the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund (National Large Fund), SMIC Juyuan, Pudong Science and Technology Investment, Pudong Science and Technology Innovation, Hubble Capital and Shenzhen Venture Capital.

A person close to SMIC said: “Rising has invested more than 100 people in SMIC, and set up a research and development center in Beijing for the SMIC project. The person who invested the longest time was one year. But in May and June this year At that time, after several rounds of evaluation by SMIC’s IT department, it was finally determined that SMIC’s semiconductor CIM localization needs could not be completed, and the report was sent to SMIC’s senior management.”

The source said that at present, the senior management of SMIC has approved the evaluation report submitted by the IT department, and formally notified the software personnel to withdraw from SMIC and suspend the plan in SMIC.

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Among the many people who are about to leave, Xu Mingguang (MK), the chief technology officer of Shangyang Software, who is in charge of the project, has submitted a resignation application and entered a leave of absence, and will leave after the leave ends, people familiar with the matter said.

Sina Technology reported that a number of industry insiders have confirmed this. At present, neither SMIC nor Rising Software has responded to the matter.

People in the industry sighed, “After all, it is still too difficult to develop industrial software, and it has just started in China.” However, the person also said, “Although some manufacturers’ solutions do have problems, there are still many excellent domestic industrial software manufacturers in the pan-semiconductor industry, and the market can still have confidence in the domestic CIM solutions.”

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