Solar energy transmitted to Earth directly from space for the first time

2023-06-06 20:33:00

Institute scientists Caltech managed to transmit wireless solar power directly to the Terra for the first time. This was possible through a prototype called Space Solar Power Demonstrater (SSPD-1) which was launched in January. This experiment was conducted by the Space Solar Energy Project team.

This system typically works through multiple light and flexible microwaves and transmitters, which are controlled by custom electronic chips. Thus, the equipment manages to capture energy and transmit it to receiving stations around the world.

The system is called Maple and it serves to capture solar energy directly from space, something that is more efficient than on Earth. After all, here there are several layers that filter the sun’s rays. Harry Atwater is Chair of the Otis Booth Leadership Chair in the Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences and commented:

The demonstration of wireless energy transfer in space using lightweight structures is an important step towards space solar energy and broad access to it globally. Solar panels are already used in space to power the International Space Station, for example, but to launch and deploy arrays large enough to power Earth, SSPP needs to design and create solar energy transfer systems that are ultra-lightweight. , cheap and flexible.

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