Solophilia, the earth calls us

2023-08-25 17:09:42

It reveals to us every day the extraordinary lived in the ordinary. Being able to breathe, walk, see and feel, is only possible with her. The earth is not synonymous with life, it is life itself. It is sustenance, path, shelter, it is organic and imperfect like all the species that inhabit it.

Thinking about this potent essentialism, Dercotiles reveals through its art of coating, the Terras collection, inspired by solophilia. In an increasingly fast-paced, connected planet, with multiple screens and tasks that require high performance and compliance with standards, the solophilia concept invites us to live the genuine, the natural. Against the grain of mass excesses, but in an authentic and elegant way, the coverings in the new collection reverberate the richness of the raw materials in their exclusive series and enhance this inexhaustible source of what is original.

Terras celebrates clay, soil and skin tones, the colors of the ecosystem, and impresses by presenting unusual formats. With extremely subtle surfaces, the textures of enameled porcelain tiles are charming and smooth, uniting nature with sophistication to dress architectural spaces.

Soil References

Kraft All NAT 90x90cm | Photo: Taito Studio | Production: Debbie Apsan

In a literal concept of earth and clay, the Kraft series materializes the artisanal and artistic appeal combined with high resistance pieces and exclusive aesthetics.

Color references are brought from the universe. She pays attention to perceiving organic elements beyond the clay itself, such as sand, natural stones and arid landscapes. Desert, Fendi, Greige, Clay and Moka are its variant shades.

Among the colors in the palette, Moka is one of the highlights. The brown inspired by coffee beans is a trend bet for the coming seasons. The coating has touches of yellow, a contemporary version, and harmonizes with warm or cold, neutral or colorful colors. Kraft Moka, like the other shades in the series, can be explored in different formats.

The essence of the original combined with technological power

The “bioflakes” technology allows a granilite effect in this series. The small flakes of special raw material reproduce the appearance of natural stone, forming what we know as a “colorbody”, when every product is made from the same mass, making the faces have an infinite variation. The result is strength and resistance for application in high traffic environments, indoors and outdoors.

A tribute to northeastern handicrafts

Vita Canyon MA 7x26cm | Photo: Taito Estudio | Producer: Debbie Apsan

The Vita series extols Brazilian roots, taking as its starting point the work of artist Vitalino Pereira, who gained the world’s attention by sculpting clay dolls in the forties, fifties and sixties. His name made history and inspired the bricks with natural colors and a wide graphic variation of this creation that is pure essence.

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Vita invites creativity, to flow, allowing for different layouts, whether vertical, horizontal, diagonal or even with herringbone, lashing and transverse possibilities. Its color variants can be explored in unique and harmonious panels.

Presented in Argila and Canyon colors, they were inspired by the “color grading” by Decortiles, with beige, brown and reddish tones. Canyon, which was inspired by desert structures, reveals a rich, warm hue with brown pigmented with red and yellow. The color that warms spaces is at the top of the list of favorites in the Terras collection.

essence of the earth

Atins Shell AC 120x120cm, Solos Hex Chevron Terracotta, Fendi and Shell MA 18×20,8cm | Photo: Pedro Ocanhas | Project: FGMF Architecture

Transforming raw material into art, the Solos series pays attention to the natural richness of clay and brick. With a kneaded clay effect, it features a matte finish, a variety of colors (Fendi, Argila, Cotto and Terracotta), textures and effects, inspired by the soil of the earth and other planets. In hexagonal and rectangular formats, Solos allows for exclusive and daring layouts, giving shape to panels, brises, among other applications that combine form and function with a light and unique beauty in halls, rooms and living rooms.

Seen up close, its hexagonal version enhances the design, which is perceived through zigzag lines.

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