Sony claims Nintendo Switch “can’t run Call of Duty and may never be able to”

Once once more, we receive a curious message related to one of the most desired franchises by fans of Nintendo. It is actually regarding Call of Duty.

As far as we have been able to learn, the information comes to us following it was recently established a new official deal for this series to reach Nintendo consoles. The information was confirmed by Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, where he mentioned that they have agreed to “a new commitment that promises to bring Call of Duty titles to Nintendo platforms for at least 10 years following the merger between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard.” king”.

In his announcement, he noted that this will allow them to “bring more games to more people, no matter how they choose to play.” In the past there have already been rumors and statements regarding the intention of Call of Duty coming to Nintendo consoles, and now it seems that it is going to come true. It only remains to know how and when. They later offered some more details.

Now we bring news from in this case of Sony, who has recently spoken on this issue. The information comes from internal Sony reports shared by Gamerantfrom where they report the following:

  • At Sony, it has been heard: “The younger audience at Nintendo is not interested in first-person shooters”
  • In the company they point out that previous releases of Call of Duty on Nintendo hardware were “commercial failures”
  • The deal only exists to make Microsoft appear cooperative.
  • They claim that Nintendo Switch “cannot run Call of Duty and it may never be able to”
  • They add that the development of a Switch version would take extra years
  • Sony thinks Nintendo can take the deal because it doesn’t have to “worry regarding equal treatment for its subscription services or cloud gaming service” as the company doesn’t compete aggressively in the industry.
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It will be necessary to be vigilant to see if there are reactions to these affirmations. What do you think? Do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments.


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