Sony officially announces a new PS5 Slim with a renewed design and optional disc reader

2023-10-10 16:13:00

Sony confirmed today on his official blog the rumors that have been heard for many months: PS5 is going to receive a new model with a renewed design but with the same technical specifications. It will go on sale in two editions, one completely Digital and another with a disc reader, although the digital version can also be fitted with a disc reader that will be sold separately.

The new standard PS5, which includes an HD Blu-ray reader, will be priced at 549.99 euros in Spain. The digital edition will cost 449.99 euros. If we opt for the second, later we can buy the disc reader separately, which will have a price of 119.99 euros. In addition, a new vertical support with a metallic finish is going on sale at a price of 29.99 euros.

When will the new PS5 be available?

This new PS5 is designed to replace the original model. It will go on sale first in the United States sometime in November of this year, although there is no specific date yet. Little by little it will reach the rest of the markets, including Europe and, therefore, Spain. It has been confirmed that as the current PS5 is no longer available, this new design will be the only one we can purchase.

The details of the new PS5 design

Although technically we can consider it a PS5 Slim, its official name is not that but simply “PS5” because once the previous model runs out of stock it will be replaced by this one. In any case, Sony assures that the redesign has a volume 30% lower than that of the original consoles. Its weight has been reduced by 18% and 24% compared to previous models.

Its main change, in addition to the reduced size, is that the new PS5 will be divided into four panels: the lower ones remain matte white and the upper ones have a glossy finish. The lower right panel is the one that we can detach to install the HD Blu-ray reader, whether we have the Digital or the standard one (so that it takes up even less space when we do not want to run physical games, for example).

More storage, only change in its technical specifications

It should be noted that PS5 has not changed anything else apart from its design, which is smaller than the original model. Their technical specifications remain the same except that both models now have 1 TB of internal storage (previously they had 825 GB). Sony has shared the technical specifications of each of the two consoles so that we can check in detail what has changed with the redesign. You can see them below:

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