Source or Mint Mobile?

One is displayed at €10/month while the other offers an almost identical price of only €9.99/month. Both are on the Bouygues Telecom network. So what really sets these two packages apart? Is one of them doing well? Our response in this game.

The Source 40 GB package at €10/month

Blocked but rechargeable according to your needs, this 40 GB package at €10/month includes:

  • 40 GB, of which 10 GB can be used in Europe and in the overseas departments,
  • Unlimited calls/SMS/MMS in France and from Europe/DOM zones to France and these zones.

With the “Source” application, you control your consumption and limit your carbon footprint. You avoid wasting unused gigas, you transform them! Among more than 1000 associations, you support a cause that is close to your heart (environment, animal cause, mutual aid and solidarity, etc.).

See the Source 40 GB plan

The Mint 50 GB package at €9.99/month

An eco-responsible operator with a “zero carbon” objective, Mint Mobile is committed to reducing carbon emissions and energy transition. Formerly called Budget Télécom, Mint is present on the Bouygues Télécom network and offers a package at €9.99/month for one year. At this price, you benefit from:

  • 50 gigs of Internet in 4G,
  • Unlimited calls in France and abroad,
  • Unlimited SMS & MMS in France.

Ce non-binding package is therefore an interesting compromise between a good data envelope and a very affordable price. And as a bonus, you contribute to planting two trees with Reforest’Action by subscribing to this package!

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