Spaceship “Starliner” should be ready for launch in March

2023-08-08 06:05:37

It should have actually flown to the ISS in July.

The crisis-ridden spaceship “Starliner” should be ready for launch in March. The US space agency NASA and the US aircraft manufacturer Boeing announced on Monday at a press conference that when a first manned test flight could actually take place is still being checked logistically and in terms of time in consultation with all those involved.

It was only announced in June that the test flight to the International Space Station ISS would have to be postponed further due to new technical problems. There are problems with the parachute system and a strap on a cable connector that turned out to be flammable. NASA and Boeing have announced that great progress has been made in solving these problems.

The “Starliner” with NASA astronauts Barry Wilmore and Suni Williams on board should have actually started for the ISS in July and stayed there for about a week.

This date had also been postponed several times before.

In May 2022, the “Starliner” completed a successful unmanned flight to the ISS for the first time and spent four days there – an important test for the spacecraft. In the future, it will transport astronauts to the ISS as an alternative to SpaceX’s “Crew Dragon” space capsule. However, the project is well behind schedule due to a number of issues.

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