Storm in Sevastopol: Aquarium Museum Tragedy, Injuries, and Damage

2023-11-27 06:37:13

Due to the storm in Sevastopol, about 800 inhabitants of the aquarium museum died. In the city, wires were torn off and trolleybus lines were damaged, dozens of people were evacuated. The number of victims remained the same – three. There is information about one person who died in Crimea.

As he told the publication “Crimea 24” Director of the aquarium Yuri Kravtsov, pumps, ventilation and other equipment failed, the room with exotic animals was flooded. All the animals living in nine aquariums died—about 800 individuals—and the premises “suffered colossal damage.”

Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev reports: “Four scientific laboratories at the Federal Research Center InBYUM suffered serious damage. The 3rd hall of the Sevastopol Marine Aquarium-Museum was flooded, killing over 500 marine animals. The quay wall collapsed in the Radiobiological Building.”

In total, by the morning of November 27 in Sevastopol, according to Razvozhaev, the fall of 189 trees and three billboards was recorded, the roofs of 42 houses were damaged, the cladding of the facades of five buildings was damaged, and 42 cars were damaged. Three people were hospitalized with injuries. 74 power lines were cut, leaving 354 houses without electricity, inhabited by almost 1.5 thousand people. As a result of falling trees, trolleybus contact lines were broken at several addresses. 35 people were evacuated from flooded residential buildings.

In Yevpatoria, according to the Ministry of Health, seven people were injured, two of them were hospitalized in moderate condition.


In Sochi, a storm washed out the railway, it is now being restored, reports RT. According to RIA Novostilong-distance trains to Sochi are running with delays, electric trains towards Adler are temporarily not running.

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