Strange photo of the first edition of Miss Universe is filtered

Miss Universe has been the most important beauty and modeling contest over the decades, where the vast majority of countries in the world participate, this in order to choose the most beautiful woman of all.

Recently, a photograph of the first edition of Miss Universe has been revealed, where we can observe the great changes in the beauty standards that humanity has had over time, which have not been few, for example we can see that the The figures of the models were not exactly the thinnest or the most slender.

An idea that has been transformed over the years, where currently the candidates must follow strict routine diets to maintain the figure that is required of them at the coronation. The first Miss Universe pageant was in 1952. This photo is a clear example of how beauty standards have changed.

It can be said that in earlier times beauty was more subjective and it was not something that was taken so literally, now thanks to technological development the possibility has been opened for women to make aesthetic changes that would have been impossible to do before, In short, these changes have been partly influenced by globalization itself.

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